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                                Thermal Printer

                                Kiosk Printer – TG2480

                                TECHNICAL SHEET

                                Printing Method Thermal with fixed head        

                                Number of dots 8 dots/mm        

                                Columns 43 - 60 - 76        

                                Resolution 203 DPI          

                                Printing (mm/sec) 150mm/sec        

                                Character set PC437, PC850, PC860, PC863, PC865, PC858, PC866, GB2312        

                                Printing Format Normal, height and width from 1 to 4, bold, negative, underlined, script        

                                Printing Direction Straight, 180°        

                                Paper width 80 mm        

                                Paper weight from 55 to 80 g/m2        

                                Paper thickness from 63 to 85 μm        

                                Roll Dimension max 90mm        

                                Sensors Head temperature, paper presence, paper jamming, ticket collection, optional near paper end sensor        

                                Emulation Custom/POS, TGH        

                                Interfaces RS232 + USB        

                                Data Buffer 2 kB        

                                Flash Memory 1 MB        

                                Graphic Memory 2  608x430 dot logos        

                                Drivers XP / Vista / 7 / OPOS / Windows CE 3.0/5.0 /  Linux        

                                Software Tools Status Monitor, PrinterSet, CustomPowerTool        

                                Power supply 24V +/- 10%        

                                Medium consumption 0.8A   (12.5% dots turned on)        

                                MTBF 450,000 hours (electronic board)        

                                Head Life 50Km/100M pulses        

                                Operating temperature 0°C + 50°C        

                                Dimensions 271,5(L)x102(H)x130,2(W) mm (without ejector)

                                260,2(L)x102(H)x130,2(W) mm (with ejector)        

                                Weight 1130 g (without ejector)

                                1250 g (with ejector)

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